We All Need Adventure


It’s my experience that we all need adventure. We may not know it, but it’s true. I am talking about regular, planned, adventure that is completely outside of our normal day-to-day routine. While things like child rearing, tackling a new project, and working on the house are all worthy challenges, those aren’t the types of adventures to which I am referring. I am talking about real-life, out of the box, challenging adventures; backpacking, learning a language, rock climbing, traveling to a new country or culture; you get the idea (think “bucket list.”)  For example, some of mine have included a missions trip to Haiti, backpacking Yosemite with a group of guys (finding our way above), spending 3 weeks in Ireland driving on the wrong side of the road, running marathons (yes that qualifies) and more. Each of these events have adventures within that are totally unplanned. These experiences invigorate our lives and imaginations. They contribute more to our education and experience that we can know; they are unaccredited educations and degrees in life, culture, mind expansion.

We can take mini-adventures within the context of our daily lives, and plan for bigger adventures on a regular basis. One of my friends (in the blue shirt above) plans them quarterly.

It’s been too long since my last foray into the wild; since I planned some new quest. I’m ready for a new adventure. How about you?

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