My space is professional services; design, engineering and consulting for the built environment; specifically building Facade systems and building enclosures – the “curtain wall”. My observation though, is much of what I will be writing about on this topic applies to other realms, systems, spaces, whether building, product or otherwise. This is the first in a series of posts on the topic; sharing my experience, questions and observations.

My position is simply this: the best value to the end-user or owner, and to all constituents in the supply chain & process, is generated in collaboration. My struggle is that the “old mentality” of “throw it over the wall” is still used by many. What does one expect in design of constructed systems and products when working in silos and in a linear manner? How about “less than optimal results.” Clients and businesses that “get it” are increasing their level of collaboration and using technology to leverage interaction. Too often in  our work, tyranny of the urgent is the rule of the day. However, investing the time proactively in ongoing, seamless, real-time, shared collaboration yields better results and lower costs downstream.

Collaboration takes place in different ways, but one key is driving integration. We must pull each other into the space of a shared reality to really collaborate. This creates empathy, understanding, fewer assumptions, lower risk, better results. It gets to the finish line quicker. In a fragmented, and disruptive supply chain in the building industry, even within specific areas of expertise, value generation can be as simple as driving real collaboration.

I will continue to post on this topic and I welcome comments, feedback, & dialogue.

In the meantime, start or keep collaborating.

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