Reflections on Today – The Value of Connecting

Today’s breakfast was a reminder of the value of meeting new people and networking with those of different backgrounds – an educational experience as valuable, or more, than most classrooms. My Doctor organized a breakfast for the purpose of discussion, networking and relationship building. It included the Dr (an MD); a young CMO of a financial services firm; a PhD Educator and Medical Research Business owner; a sage and former CEO of a private then Publicly traded company; an ex-farmer turned prolific real estate owner; a college grad fresh off a trip to Latvia, the Balkans and Israel; then me, a Professional Engineer and A/E Services business owner. 5 men and 1 woman (the PhD). I could have listened to their experiences for more than the 2 hours that we broke bread and shared discussion.

There are always great dynamics and diverse experiences in these groups that are mind-expanding. Someone once said that the only things that really change us are the people we meet and the books we read. This includes the “experiences we have.” Today confirmed that statement.

This was a mini-retreat, a walk through the world of others, a sharing of knowledge and experience. Every time I do this I wonder why I don’t do it more often and why I allow myself to be stuck in the normal routine of each day.

Break routine. Do something different. Meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone. It’s an enriching experience.