Since it’s Sunday, I’ll deviate from normal “business stories” and share one of faith. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s deeply rooted in many of the promises and truths of God.

If I tried to explain it, you’d hardly believe it….but it’s true.

It’s a modern day version of “Loaves and Fishes..” (Jesus multiplying the food for the crowd.)

The manifestation of God’s provision in our business week after week, month after month. Heaven touching earth.

Everyone in administrative support group is seeing it.

Without exaggeration, it’s brought out some awe, emotion, and some true jaw dropping responses.

I’ve “teared up” a few times and could hardly speak, but now I just smile and say “loaves and fishes.” It’s become a key phrase and truth for us, and it makes us smile.

The sprinkling of Gods love…..

It’s real and amazing

Have you seen it? Have you felt it in your life too? Do you know it?

Got a story?

If so, and if so led, share it here.

Happy Sunday. Happy faith venture.

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