I don’t care what business we are in, we are all in the business of value generation and value creation. Whether we’re baking scones, litigating, engineering, cleaning toilets or whatever it is, it’s all about generating and creating value. What we “do” is to be a given; everyone assumes we know our craft (if you can’t do your craft you’re not even in the conversation.) That craft, our skills and our capabilities, that’s what we practice. But that doesn’t guarantee or define where value lies. Value lies in how the dots are connected in the empty spaces. Value lies were ‘bridges’ are built. Value lies in generating more time, more income, more order, more of something of value to the receiver. If anyone else in the world does what we do that makes us a commodity at some level. So we need to take what we do and figure out how to apply it in a way that will bring meaning and improvement to other people’s lives and businesses. When people start requesting more of us, our service, our enterprise, that’s when we know we may be on the right track.

2 thoughts on “Value

  1. Good Blog John! Estimating value has been my life’s work as an appraiser, and there are a couple more things I might add. There are endless value issues and when trying to develop an opinion of value, a definition of what is included is very important and parameters are needed. Value perspective is different for everyone and it’s based largely on a persons experience. Also while value may be realized the price someone is willing to pay for that value may not be achieved. Value and price are sometimes very different, and often illogical.

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