Hong Kong, Ohio, Twitter 

Noah lives in Hong Kong. I live in Ohio. Noah is an architect. I am an engineer. Noah graduated from Kent State. I graduated from the University of Akron. Noah Works in Professional Services. I work in Professional Services. Noah is a facade professional. I’m a facade professional. Noah and I met on Twitter a couple of years ago. This week we had lunch together. 

A digital connection formed a relationship across continents and time zones. Both of us enjoy each other’s Twitter feeds. We’ve communicated by direct message but never met face-to-face. Noah was traveling to the United States and was going to be in town so he asked me if we could do lunch. Of course I said yes. Meeting him face-to-face was fantastic. I would have never known him, met him or been aware of him had it not been for the connection over social media. We enjoyed lunch and sharing experiences common to the industry. He’s on his way back to Hong Kong and I’m still in Ohio, but our bond is stronger. I look forward to more interactions digitally, and face to face in the future. This is one of the values of social media.

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