Leveraging Compliance

In my last post I discussed how compliance doesn’t confirm competency. However, compliance is necessary for the design professional. I don’t like being tied down by compliance needs, but it is critical to our business and has broad implications.

So how do I to take something I view as a real drain on my time as a CEO and business leader and turn it into something that is self multiplying and of increased value?  I make it my intention to book continuing education that is live (meaning with real people in a real venue), out of office, out of town, able to be accomplished for the year in 2 days, whether 1 event or 2 separate events, allows me to network with clients, and exposes me to new ideas as much as possible. This is a good grid. It works for the most restrictive states that require a certain percentage of “live credits” (webinars or in-person events), and it has a high ROI. In this way I am able to take something that is a drain, and turn it into as high of a leveraged activity as possible.

The second choice is in-house CEU events from vendors, risk managers, and others, that will present to a group of us over lunch. It still provides networking internally, with the vendor, and connects us to other industry activity.

If all else fails, or if it’s a requirement like Indiana or Florida Laws and Rules, I just turn to good-ole Red Vector. It’s inexpensive, quick, and I can do it anywhere.

Turn compliance requirements and other mandated things of lesser business value into positive outcomes to accomplish multiple goals.

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